You Can Still Buy — & Drink — the 1990s Throwback Soda, Crystal Pepsi

But do you have any idea what the vintage beverage tastes like?

By Jessie Schiewe


Nineties product, CrystalPepsi, is one of PepsiCo's best-selling products of all time. Discontinued in 1993, it's been re-released a number of occasions, usually with the claim that it would be the public's "last chance" to purchase the soda. The most recent release was this past August. A number of Facebook and Instagram groups have also been created in the last four to five years clamoring for the return of the beverage that “tastes like no other.”

But due to the soda's color, it can be hard to guess its flavor or taste. Is it cola-flavored or lemon-lime? Similar to a "white cherry" taste or potentially diet or sugar-free?

OK Whatever dug up a great blog review from The Soda Jerks — three dudes who love reviewing and sampling fizzy drinks — which does a great job at explaining the taste.

Here's our favorite bit from it:

"It's like Lemon and Lime couldn’t get into the sexy dance party because they weren’t old enough. So in typical mischievous fashion they decide that Lemon should stand on Lime’s shoulders and they’ll wear a big heavy coat of cola. The doorman (my tongue in this example) sees through their disguise, but lets them pass anyway. He likes the two scallywags and appreciates the trouble they went through to get in the sexy dance club. That’s my feelings on Crystal Pepsi in a nutshell."

At only around $2 a bottle at most Walmarts, Crystal Pepsi is an affordable mystery beverage to try — even if you’re not sure you’ll like it. With a rating of 3 out of 6, the Soda Jerks seem to be on-the-fence about the product, too. There’s about a 50-50 chance you’ll either love it or hate it.

And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can also still buy original vintage bottles of the soda from the ’90s on eBay. That’s a tactic best recommended for those who really want to know what an almost 30-year-old pop tastes like.


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